What It’s Like To Sleep In The World’s First Treehouse Community | Finca Bellevista


Ever wondered what it’s like to spend the night in a stunning treehouse community in one of the most remote regions of Costa Rica?

Then read on—you’re going to love this account from our first (of what would become many) visits to Finca Bellavista!


Finca Bellavista Costa Rica treehouse community

Finca Bellavista: A Spectacular Treehouse Community in Costa Rica


The plan began with Kim, a fellow yoga teacher training participant. She was traveling around Costa Rica with her fiancé, a journey that naturally had to include a pit stop at Blue Osa (the place we had just spent such a transformational month of our lives).

As we were catching up over a few glasses of wine, we began talking about her plans to hop across the Gulf and visit Finca Bellavista, the world’s first planned, modern, sustainable treehouse community—which just so happened to be founded by Erica, another one of our yoga teacher training buddies. Our excitement over a potential Friendsgiving mounted. I wasted no time in sending Erica an email in the hopes that Finca Bellavista could set out a couple of extra plates for Thanksgiving Dinner. A few messages later and we were ready to go, along with our two favorite fellow Blue Osa volunteers. Thanksgiving with friends in a Costa Rican treehouse it was!


A Cruising Couple Road Trip


The Journey To Finca Bellavista


Two days later we rented a car and piled in for our mini-adventure a mere two hours away. As we rolled down the windows, played our favorite tunes and cruised past stunning ocean views, it was easy to cultivate an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our many blessings on this unique Thanksgiving Day. We never cease to be amazed at the abounding beauty of Costa Rica, especially when traveling around the Osa Peninsula. This day was no exception.


Osa Costa Rica


Finca Bellavista isn’t difficult to arrive at, but it’s not easy, either. The closest town has a school, a church, and a gas station…and that’s about it. There are no signs or billboards, only an old logging access road that leads up a steep and rocky hill. You might pass a cowboy or a few children playing in the rain forest, but that’s about it. As if a treehouse community wasn’t unique enough, this extraordinary remoteness made it seem all the more like the hidden gem it is.


The Inspiration For Finca Bellavista


Naturally, Erica talked about her business a bit during yoga teacher training. However, she absolutely did not give herself enough credit for the magical world she created high up in the treetops of Costa Rica.


Erica Owner of Finca Bellavista

View from Finca Bellevista


Consisting of over 600 acres of wild rainforest, two whitewater rivers and 25 structures (five of which are true treehouses) Finca Bellavista is the world’s first planned, modern, sustainable treehouse community. Erika admits that they never intended on such a feat. They had fallen in love with Costa Rica and were looking for a piece of property to call their own, likely a small surf shack or beach hut fixer-upper.

But then they stumbled upon the land where Finca Bellavista now lies. It was originally the home for about twenty indigenous families who worked and lived the land. When, unfortunately, their school burned down, they decided to relocate to other towns nearby and sell the property. The unique piece of land was put on the market as a timber harvest site, but Erica and Matteo knew they couldn’t let this paradise be destroyed. One thing led to another, and the idea of a treehouse community was born!


The Treehouses At The Finca


When we first heard the word treehouse, we imagined something similar to what we played on as children: one-room, rickety wooden structures, perhaps with a ‘No Girls’ sign propped out in front. But the structures at Finca Bellavista are works of art, each its own handcrafted masterpiece with indoor plumbing, full kitchens—even hot water! Given the climate of living in a rain forest, what they’ve been able to do in a limited timeframe is extraordinary. It’s basically glamping at its finest in the treetops of Costa Rica.



Finca Bellevista Treehouse

Treehouse in the Jungle


Each treehouse is either supported by stilts or built entirely into the trees. The construction of their treehouses allows the tress to continue growing and thriving, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project. It also means that the design and construction team has to get creative, often finding ways to incorporate branches in the living areas or suspension bridges from one room to the next. It’s all very Swiss Family Robinson, just a touch more upscale.


Treehouse at Finca Bellevista

Real Treehouse

Finca BelleVista Treehouse Costa Rica
Treehouse in Costa Rica
Treehouse Porch
Living in a Treehouse In Costa Rica

Though Finca Bellavista is a treehouse community, each treehouse is extremely remote and private. Our accommodation was the closest to base camp, yet it was still a 20-minute walk through the jungle and across a suspension bridge to arrive at. But the journey is well worth the reward; each treehouse offers the ultimate in peace and seclusion, quite literally being in the middle of nowhere.


The Adventures To Be Had


Finca Belle Vista

One of our favorite parts of our stay was waking up early to the sounds of the jungle, grabbing a cup of coffee, and relaxing into the day from our high-altitude porch. We were tempted to enjoy the tranquility from here for the entire duration of our stay, but alas, there were too many tantalizing adventures nearby that beckoned for exploration.

Options included morning yoga, canopy ziplining, and hiking. We opted to head to a nearby swimming hole, which included a walk along one of the Finca Bellavista trails to a crystal-clear whitewater river. From here we ditched our boots and our bags and jumped straight into the water where we continued our tread downstream. Twenty minutes of wading through the cool river later and we arrived at our swimming hole, only accessible by jumping in from the rocks up above. From here we swam, laughed, and jumped, playing like children who have just stumbled upon their very own secret hideout in the middle of the Costa Rican rain forest.


Treehouse View

Bridge on the way to the Treehouses

River Hike


This was our fourth Thanksgiving that we’ve celebrated abroad. And while we’ve had some pretty memorable Turkey Day meals around the world, I think this one tops the cake on them all. Good food, good people, good treehouses and good jungle adventures—what can get better than that?


If you’ve always dreamed of having your own treehouse to escape to, Finca Bellavista sells lots and treehouses in their community. A pretty cool alternative to the standard beach vacation home!


Where is the most unique place you’ve ever slept? Does the idea of a treehouse hideaway intrigue you?



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Meet: Casey Siemasko

Casey Siemasko is a blogger, content marketer, and co-founder of A Cruising Couple. She has been living and traveling outside of the US full-time since 2011. She finds her life inspiration in exploring the world and seeks to find the magic in the most ordinary of places.


  1. That’s pretty much my dream home right there. You’re so lucky to have spent Thanksgiving in such a beautiful and remote place!
    Nikita recently posted…My Love Note to BerlinMy Profile

    • Thanks Nikita! Yes we were definitely very fortunate :)

  2. I would have loved to stay in one of these amazing tree houses and I still cannot believe they even have a kitchen. The designers and architects must have been geniuses and as you said very creative to realize something so unique, in such very awkward positions but still with all the comfort people might need/want. Simply awesome!
    Franca recently posted…How To Travel Long Term On A BudgetMy Profile

    • It’s truly incredible what they’ve done. I also couldn’t believe they were so well equipped!

  3. Yep this definitely appeals! My dream is to live in a treehouse one day. I lived on a houseboat on the Thames for a year in London, that’s probably the most unusal place I have stayed. I also lived in a van, a campervan and a bus for 2-12 week stints :)
    Katie @ The World on my Necklace recently posted…An impromptu tour around NadiMy Profile

  4. We’ve always dreamed of hitting up the Osa Peninsula Casey! Now we have another reason to do so.

    Coolest place for us? A villa deep in the rice fields of Bali. Foot long Tokay geckos running on the ceiling, huge monitor lizards in the back, snakes, toads and gargantuan spiders on our skeeter net. It was a blast, and damn scary at times too!

    Thanks guys :)

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Why Gollum Should Be Your Blogging Role ModelMy Profile

    • The Osa Peninsula is an absolute must :) A villa deep in the rice fields of Bali sounds absolutely magical. I love Bali, so that would be right up my alley! (minus the giant spiders haha!)

  5. Oh wow awesome! Thanks so much for all these details — I’ve actually read about this before but never by someone who did it. So thanks so much; it’s definitely going on my to-do list!

    • That’s so cool you’ve read about it before! Happy to provide more details :)

    • So cool! We haven’t been to Laos yet, but we’ll have to keep that in mind hopefully for one day!

  6. I have always dreamt of having a ‘grown up’ tree house…as a kid I loved Swiss Family Robinson and often imagined having to invent all sorts of cool contraptions to survive. What an amazing project Finca Bellavista is! Just goes to show that with hard work and a vision, dreams really do come true. Hopefully I will be able to check this out one day- I think I would really like living in a tree house community…
    Lara @the passage recently posted…When in Andong…My Profile

    • OMG you would love this place if you enjoyed Swiss Family Robinson! I hope you make it there someday :) They really are such an inspiration!

    • You should definitely try to get down there, and tie it to a visit to Blue Osa while you’re at it! :)

    • I think adults have more fun than children when they finally get to make their childhood dreams come true here haha!

    • Yes, definitely consider Costa Rica – it is such a gorgeous country overflowing with beauty and nature.

  7. The most unusual place we’ve stayed in is one of Artenara’s cave houses. Sounds like you had a great time. And looks like it too.
    Gran Canaria Local recently posted…Restaurante TehranMy Profile

  8. I’m glad you had a memorable Thanksgiving filled with many blessings. I love the idea of a tree house community and the structure you stayed in looks spacious. It would be paradise to have a few hours to sit on the deck and watch the birds at tree-top level.
    Mary @ Green Global Travel recently posted…COLOMBIA: Exploring Tayrona National ParkMy Profile

    • Waking up to the birds was definitely one of the best parts. We almost forgot we were so high up off the ground until we woke up and saw the birds flitting around :)

    • Oh wow – that’s awesome! If you’ve done it twice, definitely might as well keep it going ;-)

  9. We stayed in a treehouse in baobab trees in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania earlier this year. It was definitely one of the most unique places we’ve ever stayed and quite an adventure with all the wild animals making their noises. We would totally sleep in a treehouse again in a heartbeat!
    Jennifer recently posted…13 Best European Christmas Markets to See in Your LifetimeMy Profile

    • Wow, that sounds absolutely amazing! We are hoping to head to Tanzania in the spring, so we’ll have to remember that one!

  10. We might be in Costa Rica in February and we are so going to contact these guys! Wow, what an amazing place. It reminded me of the Ewok village in Return of the Jedi! I will be asking you for contact details! :)
    Paul Farrugia recently posted…11 ethical Christmas gifts for travellersMy Profile

    • Haha that’s too funny – I think the Ewok village served as inspiration for them! Let us know if you are in Costa in Feb. – there’s a good chance we’ll be back there then, too! :)

  11. This is so cool! We have been trying to go to a treehouse hotel in Costa Rica for awhile but they are always full! I’ll have to check Finca Bellevista out, I hadn’t heard of them yet. It’ll fulfill one of my childhood dreams :D
    Samantha recently posted…Happy Holidays from Yeison and Samantha!My Profile

    • It is definitely a dream come true! You’d love it!! :-D

  12. Thanks for this nice article! It must be a magical experience to stay at a place like this. If you need inspiration for your future travels and you are looking for a treehouse hotel, you could check out our website where we feature hanpicked treehouse hotels and treehouse spaces. It`s http://www.treehousemap.com



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