Sunday Snapshot | Stockholm at Sunset | Stockholm, Sweden

This post was last updated on May 18th, 2014

Stockholm Sunday Snapshot


We were so excited about this photo that we just had to break it out for this week’s Sunday Snapshot! If you’re following us on facebook, then you already know we are in Stockholm, Sweden! It’s a bit of a change from the tropical weather we’re accustomed to, but it feels so good to be back in Europe.

We snagged this amazing view for Stockholm at Sunset as we were walking over one of the main bridges leading back to the Old Town. We love the light glow that is starting to come from the restaurants and shops, highlighting the yellow that is spreading through the sky. Stockholm is always picturesque, but especially at dusk.

This photo was taken by Casey. She normally leaves me to do all the photography, but Stockholm is proving to be too inspirational.

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    • We were so surprised when we arrived! We honestly knew very little about Stockholm before we arrived, but it looks like a fairy tale :-)

    • NO WAY!! We will be back in Sweden to fly out of Stockholm on June 1st. When will you be here? We’d love to meet up if our dates line up!

    • Thanks Agness! We love Lisbon and Paris too. Sounds like an exciting summer!! :)


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