Galaway Bay

We were spending three weeks on the beautiful, wild and remote west coast of Ireland when I took this picture of Galway Bay. Galway was one of my favorite cities on the island; it’s small and walkable, has some great history and fantastic nightlife. This is the mouth of the River Corrib at high tide. The water level at low tide is so low that you can actually walk on the bottom and collect shells, mussels, clams and other molluscs. Seafood is abundant and you can order delicious oysters and pots of cooked mussels in one of the many pubs on Shop Street.
Bram Reusen is originally from Belgium, but now spends his time traveling around the world and blogging about his experiences. So far, his travels have taken him to twenty-two countries and four continents. He also drove a car across Australia, a bicycle to the North Cape and has spent three months soaking up culture and landscapes in Ireland. He likes to try different styles of traveling. You can follow him on his blog
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