Sunday Snapshot| Grand Canyon Watchtower | Grand Canyon, Arizona

This post was last updated on May 18th, 2014

Grand Canyon Watchtower


The Grand Canyon is one of the most inspirational and spiritual landmarks in North America. Its sheer size is daunting and practically impossible to capture effectively with a photograph.  With spans over 10 miles wide and depths over 6000 feet, you can spend a lifetime studying the canyon and never see it all.


In this snapshot, you can see the Grand Canyon Watchtower off in the distance. Located at the Desert View visitor’s center at the Canyon’s East rim, the watchtower stands 70 feet high and was constructed in 1932. It was designed to replicate similar towers that were once built by Native Americans all across the Colorado Plateau.

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  1. My parents took my brother and me to the Grand Canyon when we were kids and wouldn’t you know it that the one day we showed up it was BLOODY foggy as old hell and we couldn’t see anything! Guess I’ll have to go back…
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  2. Excellent blog! Really back to me again Grand Canyon. Really shake me a lot cause I spent more times there. Thanks author remembering myself that memories.

  3. Awesome! You captured a perfect image of the Grand Canyon. I’ve been there once and I was with fellow tourists trying to get a peek of that great place. As I read this, it made me realized that I should bring my kids there soon because this will really amaze them. I think they climb high just to take a closer look of the Grand Canyon. Although it would scare me but I’ll let them do it because I know this is a once in a lifetime experience that they should have. Thank you for sharing this because it made me want to go back to that place there soon. This time, I’ll bring the whole family.


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