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This post was last updated on May 18th, 2014

mongolian man and horse

Sometimes when travelling, there are those moments when nothing can be verbally communicated with another person, yet somehow you know exactly what the other person is saying! This happened to us for practically 4 months during our recent trip through Mongolia, Central Asia and Iran.

We did an eight-day trek through the vibrant green Mongolian steppe. Each night when we would set up our tent and prepare dinner, local men on their horse or on their motorbike would come over to us. We couldn’t speak the same language and the majority of the time the men would just sit there silent, while staring at us. They were so fascinated by us, our green tent and Nick’s fishing rod! Truly amazing moments in travel.

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  1. Such an amazing photo and the meaning behind it is even better. It’s so true that sometimes communication can be difficult, at the end though there is always a way to understand each other.
    Franca recently posted…LOCATE CAVEY – BerlinMy Profile

  2. Dan and Casey, that photo depicting the non-verbal communication is so spot on! It’s ironic how two completely different cultures of people can look upon one another with bewilderment sometimes, isn’t it?
    Mike recently posted…My Paper Route And When I Fell In Love With My Best FriendMy Profile

  3. Fantastic! I loved Mongolia… Didn’t you find it a terribly rewarding place to travel??
    This photo takes me right back!
    Colleen Brynn recently posted…The Year That WasMy Profile

    • Mongolia is definitely an amazing place to travel to. The way of life is just so completely different than how we live in the west. The people are fantastic and the outdoors are unbelievable. The only thing I struggled with was the food!

      Thanks for commenting Colleen.
      Dariece – Goats On The Road recently posted…Looking Back on 2013 – A Year of FirstsMy Profile


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