Sunday Snapshot | Coastal Cliff Hike | Algarve Coast, Portugal

This post was last updated on May 18th, 2014

 Costal Cliff Hike

I took this photo on one of our hikes on the Algarve Coast in Portugal. The coast is breathtaking and it is just one of those hidden gems you don’t hear much about. Hiking is amazing here and you have all this beauty to yourself.

Celia writes the blog Nomadic Danes with her boyfriend Jonas. They’ve been a couple for over 5 years and are now living as digital nomads. In June they left for an amazing bike trip 3744 km across Europe on two city bikes. They are now living in Portugal for one more week and in December their trip across Central and South America begins.

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    • That will be so fun! I love Portugal- I really want to return!

  1. I love the color of the water. We didn’t have enough time in Portugal and cut out this corner. Looking at the water makes me wonder if we made the right choice.

  2. Hello Casey & Dan,
    Im just down the road from this shot in the Algarve, house-sitting for 2 months. And this shot is, every bit as beautiful as it is in real life.
    You’ve inspired me to get out more and put my hiking boots on!
    many thanks,


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