Sunday Snapshot | Bathing Buddha | Hong Kong

This post was last updated on May 18th, 2014

Bathing Buddha Lantau Island

A while back we celebrated Buddha’s birthday by going to see one of the largest Buddhas in the world.  While we did a lot of talking about that big Buddha, we never had the chance to picture the smaller one.


The washing of Buddha is a ceremony that signifies the cleansing of both outer and inner dirt. After kneeling upon the cushion, one should fill the ladle with water and pour it over the Buddha’s head three times, repeating sequentially: “May I eliminate all evil thought, May I cultivate good deeds, May I help save all living things” (as sourced from here).


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  1. How cute! A great picture and I love the ceremony around it too.

    • Thanks Monica! I definitely think the ceremony adds a special touch :)

    • It was! That’s too bad it was covered while you were there! They had a bunch of events going on while we were there for the birthday celebration. Not too much to see though other than this guy!

  2. shot of the day


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