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A Cruising Couple Spinning in Macau

I’ve been wanting a ‘twirling’ picture for about a year, ever since an adorable one on Pinterest caught my eye. While this photo might not be exactly the same, Dan and I still had a great time meandering through Macau and snapping an absurd amount of pictures along the way. This photo was taken right after the Moorish Barracks, and we love how you can see the Grand Lisboa peeking through the narrow street. In my next twirling picture I’m definitely wearing heals. ;-P

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Meet: Casey Siemasko

Casey Siemasko is a blogger, content marketer, and co-founder of A Cruising Couple. She has been living and traveling outside of the US full-time since 2011. She finds her life inspiration in exploring the world and seeks to find the magic in the most ordinary of places.


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