You’re Invited To Celebrate Our Anniversary…In Hong Kong!

This post was last updated on August 27th, 2014

We’re two years old today!

Okay, it’s just our marriage that is two years old.

And it’s not actually today, it’s May 20th.


But we’re calling it close enough since we started celebrating when we flew into Hong Kong at the crack of dawn this morning. Don’t worry. We’re not going to ramble on about how these have been the happiest two years of our lives or how we grow more in love everyday or even how we’re so lucky to be living our dreams together. Although we totally could share those things with you, we figured it be better to save the lovey-dovey stuff for ourselves.  Or maybe our facebook statuses just to piss people off.


Still, it is our anniversary. And the only reason why we started this blog in the first place was for a site to share our honeymoon adventure. We never imagined A Cruising Couple would survive this long, change so much. And what’s even more exciting is that we’re not planning on stepping away from the blogging scene any time soon. Exciting for us at least. You can make your own call on that one.


So we want to say thank you for sticking with us. If you’re reading this now and you can remember those first blog posts we pumped out—wow. It’s quite amazing you’ve stayed along for the ride.  And if you’re only now stopping by for the first time, we hope you’ll come back again. We appreciate all of you more than you might realize. Once again, thank you. You rock.


Okay, we promised we wouldn’t get lovey-dovey, so let’s switch gears. Last year we were so fortunate to celebrate our one-year anniversary basking in the sun in the Philippines. We split our time between the Amorita Resort in Bohol and scuba diving through scenes taken straight from ‘Finding Nemo’ at Apo Island. We also saw these guys:


I was beyond stoked. Aren’t they seriously the cutest critters ever?


As much as we love our tropical getaways, we’ve also got a soft place for concrete jungles. And roulette. Hong Kong and Macau easily won the bid for this year’s anniversary destination. World-class dining, top-tier casinos, Portuguese history, and great shopping are just a few of the reasons why we can’t wait to start exploring. But other than our Hong Kong Foodie Tour (which we are drooling over just thinking about) we’ve been a bit too busy to make any other plans for our time here.


It’s kind of nice not having any idea what we’ll be getting ourselves into, but we don’t want to miss out on the best of Hong Kong either.


So here’s your invitation to be a part of our trip: If you happen to have any secrets about the best spot to take snapshots of the skyline or your favorite cocktail venue that won’t break the bank, pretty please let’s hear it in the comments! Really, any Hong Kong tips would be amazing

Did we mention that you guys are awesome?


    • Thank you so much-we most certainly will :-) We will actually be headed to Macau on Sunday. If you are still there send us a message to meet up! Otherwise we’ll stalk your blog for some great ideas on what we should do :-)

  1. Happy Anniversary, you guys! I actually have no memory at this point of how Tony & I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary, so I think you guys have made a wise choice… no way you’ll forget this anniversary! Based on our time there, I think Hong Kong is a pretty fab destination to stage your celebrations, especially if eating is on the agenda (and why wouldn’t it be?!?)! We spent 9 days there back in September and had an AMAZING time gorging ourselves, so please check out our blog and read our posts on Hong Kong if you’d like some ideas! I wrote a really thorough summary of our time there and also did a massive food round-up, which I’m pretty sure you’ll find useful. ;)

    I also wrote about two of our favorite non-food related attractions—doing a Harbour Cruise of Victoria Harbour at night, and visiting Chi Lin Nunnery. Sometimes you go to a destination and have fun doing the touristy things but know that if you ever went back, you’d skip those things the second time around. Not either of these! Both of them were so awesome, I’d happily do them again (and now that I think of it, we had lunch at the nunnery and it was SO GOOD, which just goes to show that amazing food is never far in HK!).

    You can read all of our Hong Kong posts here. I hope you find them useful!
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted…A Man Named ApocalypseMy Profile

    • Thank you SO much! This is really amazing. We are just loving looking at your posts about Hong Kong! You guys did a wonderful job covering so much-only now we’re realizing we need to stay in Hong Kong another week! ;-P We went to the Nunnery yesterday after you recommended it and really loved it. We didn’t eat there, just kind of walked around and enjoyed the serenity in the midst of chaotic HK. Great recommendation :-) Thanks again for the comment, and for all the helpful tips!!

  2. Happy anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary last month. We just went out for dim sum. That’s it. Good enough for me. :D I am very jealous. I really want to get out of Mainland China for a while and go to Hong Kong. I will give you recommendations my Spanish friend told me:
    If you go to Diamond Hill metro station , exit C, you can visit Nan Lian garden and Chi Lin Nunnery.
    Free all of it. Another person said have the afternoon at the Tram on Hong Kong island (on second level) and see the neighborhoods. Again, I am jealous. We planned to go to Hong Kong on the 25th but things happen.



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