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This post was last updated on May 18th, 2014

Dumpling Making in Taiwan

Dumplings are a staple of Taiwanese cuisine, and have therefore become an essential element of our diet. Ranging from fried pork to boiled vegetable, there is something for everyone. The best are homemade and hand-rolled. This restaurant we frequent about once a week is a family-run noodle shop where they do just that. If you live in Hsinchu, don’t miss this small establishment on the corner of Zhongzheng and Wuling. (Their beef noodles with homemade, hand-scooped noodles are to die for.)


  1. I love dumplings. you really can’t ever get enough of them. There are also the bigger version of them that reminded me of filled rolls. You should also ask if you can watch the guy make the noodles. It’s really quite a neat experience and if you try it yourself, just do it over a counter and not the floor.
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    • Good idea! We haven’t seen anyone make homemade noodles, but we love the noodle shops where they freshly scoop the ‘noodles’ from a massive block into the boiling water. I would love to learn how to make fresh noodles at home!

  2. I miss Taiwanese cuisine. (sigh) I really like this blog. Thanks. :)

    • Thank you so much! It’s funny, at first I wasn’t that impressed by Taiwanese cuisine, but now I don’t know how I’m going to get by without my dumplings and beef noodles! Where are you living now?

      • I live in Shanghai now. If you were not impressed with Taiwanese food at first, imagine how I felt when I had food in Shanghai. Eeek. Not a fan. The food I had is much more salt, greasy, and lack of diverse flavours. I had dry noodle where it felt like they had cooking oil in a wok, cooked it, and I drank it directly from the wok. That kind of taste. Not that I didn’t find great food in Shanghai, it’s just harder to find.

        I don’t eat pork so it was easier for me to eat potstickers, dumplings, and such in Taiwan. There is so much more variety than pork this and pork that. Such is life. :) Then again, I lived in Taipei.

        I have to say though, the dim sum in the Cantonese restaurants in Shanghai is amazing!
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        • Haha sounds delicious ;-P I don’t know too much about cuisine in Shanghai, other than the dim sum of course. Oh and that the cocktails are supposed to be legendary! I’m glad you were able to eventually find some great food :-)


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