Day 67: Picking Up Hobbies

This post was last updated on October 22nd, 2013

Pretty Colors

At first we had a lot of trouble finding an art supply store in Hsinchu, but we finally did it! It’s on a random one way street near Zhongshen and Datong next to Town Hall. We probably drove the sweet woman who owns the shop crazy, but there you have it. If you’re in need of the exact location for any reason, leave us a comment!


  1. Hi. I’m a scrapbooker and was looking for a craft store in Hsinchu. Could you tell me if this store has anything that is suitable for a papercrafter?? Also if you could tell me where it is? I’m not very familiar with downtown Hsinchu. Thanks for the help and I love your blog!

    • Hi, thanks Carol! Yea I think they should have some stuff for a scrapbooker, depending on what you are looking for. I definitely think it would be worth checking out though…they have lots of paper and the woman might be able to order something for you.

      Drive down Zhongshan Rd towards the big City Hall building. You should she blinking yellow lights just before the T intersection, this is Datong Rd.
      Take a RIGHT onto Datong Rd
      Take your very next RIGHT onto a one way street, it’s got blinking red lights (I think it’s called Zhongyang Rd.)
      The shop should be about 5 stores up on the right side of the street.

      Hope that helps and good luck.



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