Day 56: Train To Taipei

The Wheels On The Train Go Round and Round

On our way to Taipei to celebrate our friend’s birthday! We had a fantastic time dancing all night, eating breakfast in front of the Taipei 101, and then taking the 6:15am train back to Hsinchu.

Meet: Dan Moore

Dan is the photographer, social media strategist and second half of the A Cruising Couple team. He has been living and traveling full-time in various countries since 2011. His award winning photography has been featured on National Geographic, CNN and New York Times Travel.

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  1. Great to see your happy smiles! Still trying to find a time when we are both available to skype. I am taking some yoga classes at the YMCA two or three days a week. those are in the morning around 10:30. Will try to catch you one of these days. Love you both!! Keep sending the pics. They are wonderful. Gma L.


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