Day 54: Got A New Haircut

This post was last updated on October 22nd, 2013

So Fresh And So Clean

I made a bold move today and got my hairs cut. I know it’s not nearly as stressful for dudes as it is for women but I did have a lot of hair to deal with. I think they did a pretty good job minus the fact that the back is a little crooked. Especially considering it was only 100 NTDs (that’s like 3 bucks)!


  1. Looks pretty good! But I think you ALWAYS look good. Love you, Gma

  2. Be Happy Brother,…At least you still have a head of hair to cut…Just about 50 yrs old and most of mine disappeared over the past three years…=( =D Now I buzz it all myself…=( =)

    • Sorry to hear that. Luckly I’ve still got all of it so far, but I’ve been graying since I was 15 :-p I like to think it makes me look wiser :-)


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