Day 52: The Game

This post was last updated on October 22nd, 2013


This was the first homework question for one of my classes today. I lost The Game 24 times!!!! The answer should now read Tim, Alice, Teacher Dan and YOU ;-)



  1. Love it! You just keep repeating over and over then one day “bingo” they get it!!!! Hang in there. I know you are doing a great job! Hope Casey is feeling better. First year teachers (all over the world) have to build up antibodies and resistance to those little people germs!

    I will try to connect one day around 10;30 so we can skype. Love you both, Gma L

  2. AAAgggghhhh….I just lost the game. So,…do your students actually get THE GAME? Glad to see you’re keeping your sense of humor. I love it…totally LOVE IT.

  3. you are seriously teaching your kids about the game?! You’re kidding!! I can’t believe that! so funny!


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