Day 37: International Fender Bender

This post was last updated on October 22nd, 2013

We Can Buff Out Those Scratches

We had our first fender bender today. Luckily I stayed on me feet the whole time and it didn’t do too much damage to the scooter, although the whole incident did take about two hours.


  1. I’m guessing (hoping) there were no ill effects to you or Casey. Still trying to find a good time for skyping with you. Have been busy the last two or three Sunday mornings. Sorry I missed your call.

    • Nope, Casey wasn’t on the scooter and I stayed on my feet the whole time. The other guy fell off his scooter and went to the hospital just in case, but he was fine. Just scraped up and a little shaken up. No worries about Skype, I’m sure we’ll find time soon. This Sunday Casey and I will be out of town, but maybe this week sometime?

  2. Glad no one was hurt. You will, I hope, reflect on how this incident happened and think about defensive driving practices that can minimize the chance of future incidents? Looking forward to speaking with you soon.


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