I DO!!

We know we’ve been MIA for a while now. But we have a pretty good excuse…  We just tied the knot!! Woooohooooooo! I DO!!

A Cruising Couple, First dance, I DO

While we had a pretty crazy couple of weeks leading up to the wedding with graduation, moving out of our apartments, and dealing with Dan’s car breaking down on the way to the rehearsal dinner, we ended up having the perfect wedding. All the hard work really paid off, and the entire wedding was a culmination of lovely contributions from our talented friends and family. Other than unpredictable construction that made getting to the ceremony a little bit difficult, the night was flawless, and Dan and I could not have wished for anything more beautiful. Thanks to everyone who made it so special  :-D

A Cruising Couple, Cake Tasting, I DO

And now that we have officially said ‘I Do’, our epic road trip can begin!! Luckily while we were finishing wedding festivities the Volvo was spruced up and ready to begin our trek across the country.

Our first stop is Asheville. We’ll be here through the weekend exploring the city and the Biltmore Estate (thanks Winnie and Richard!). More details to come soon!!

Meet: Casey Siemasko

Casey Siemasko is a blogger, content marketer, and co-founder of A Cruising Couple. She has been living and traveling outside of the US full-time since 2011. She finds her life inspiration in exploring the world and seeks to find the magic in the most ordinary of places.


  1. Absolutely beautiful wedding! So excited to get updates throughout your trip. Love you both, and I’m so stinkin’ happy for you two!!!

  2. Have so much fun you guys! I miss you already, Casey! I am already enjoying your room, though :) I have a story to tell you so when we get a chance to catch up remind me to tell you. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  3. May you find joy in each other’s arms, delight in each other’s company, and enthusiasm for each other’s dreams. You’re beautiful.

  4. I’m a little behind on my blog reader but HUGE CONGRATS!! So your trip is a bit of a long honeymoon, eh? John and I got married in September and are calling this whole year our honeymoon – have a blast =)


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