Will Cook for Couch!

We want to go ahead and thank everyone once again for all of the support in all our wedding/honeymoon/travel endeavors! The wedding is officially in 21 days (gasp!) and as the countdown continues we are still looking for a couple of favors! We are currently trying to finalize our road trip honeymoon but are finding ourselves homeless in some pretty populated areas. Here’s a current list of cities where we are hoping to find somewhere to crash. If you have any connections with couches please contact us. We’d greatly appreciate it, and we will cook in return for a couch :-)

May 22: Asheville, NC

May 31- June 1: Oklahoma City, OK

June 2: Albuquerque, NM

June 10-14: San Diego, CA

June 14-15: Los Angeles, CA

June 16-19: San Francisco, CA

June 21: Anywhere in Oregon

June 22-25: Seattle, WA

July 4-6: Chicago, IL

We promise we’ll behave :-)

Meet: Casey Siemasko

Casey Siemasko is a blogger, content marketer, and co-founder of A Cruising Couple. She has been living and traveling outside of the US full-time since 2011. She finds her life inspiration in exploring the world and seeks to find the magic in the most ordinary of places.


  1. This just in: we now have a place to stay in San Diego!! :-)

  2. We are also good for LA!!! Now we know SOMEONE has connections in Alberquerque haha


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